Trackify Privacy Policy

Please read and review this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") carefully to understand how Trackify collects, uses, and maintains your personal information. By using Trackify services, you agree to the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Data Collection

Trackify gathers your Spotify listening history through two methods:

  1. Official Spotify API: We access and collect your listening history when you sign up for Trackify.
  2. Uploading of Full Streaming History: Optionally, you can provide us with your full streaming history to enhance our understanding of your music preferences.

This information is crucial for the main product of Trackify, which offers statistics on your listening history.

Our partners, including Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics, and Sentry, collect information about your session for debugging and analytics purposes.

External Privacy Policies

Please review the privacy policies of our partners:

Data Storage and Security

Trackify securely stores your data in a database that is only accessible to Trackify. All backups are encrypted with keys held solely by Trackify.

Data Sharing

We do not currently share your personal data with third parties, except with those mentioned as partners involved in data collection.

Fully anonymised aggregate data may be shared with third parties or made public. An example of this would be sharing the top 10 songs of all users combined. To opt out of this, please set your profile to private.

Opt-out and Data Management

As the collection of your listening history is essential for the operation of Trackify, you cannot opt out. However, if you would like to disable our analytics tools, you can use uBlock Origin.

By using Trackify, you give your consent for the collection, usage, and storage of your information as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected].