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The Top 10 Playlists on Spotify

Posted by carter on April 2, 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Spotify's new Daylist is currently the most listened to playlist, with a massive lead.
  • The similarly new DJ comes in at second place.
  • The rest of the top 10 is filled with a mix of standard playlists.
  • Even months after Spotify Wrapped, the Top Songs 2023 playlists manages 6th place.

Here are the top playlists on Spotify as of February-March 2024:

  • Daylist (978,100 listens)
  • DJ (669,573 listens)
  • Chill Mix (296,089 listens)
  • Hip Hop Mix (198,393 listens)
  • Moody Mix (195,416 listens)
  • Your Top Songs 2023 (161,557 listens)
  • Indie Mix (139,248 listens)
  • Pop Mix (126,779 listens)
  • 2010s Mix (116,780 listens)

Can I download the infographic?

Yes! You can download the infographic by clicking here. You're free to use it how you like, but we would appreciate if you'd attribute it to Trackify.

How accurate is this data?

This data was aggregated from the listening history of around 100k public users of Trackify (this website!), so every data point is real data, however, it's likely only representative of this small group's top playlists. Spotify has hundreds of millions of users across many many countries, whereas our audience skews heavily to the USA, UK and Canada. The Daylist and DJ aren't even available in a lot of countries!

While I'm confident that the data itself is accurate, it shouldn't be used to generalise to the entire Spotify demographic.

I'm a Trackify user but I don't want to be included!

Only users with their profile set to public will be included in these statistics, and we will never release personally identifying information, just generalisations like this one!

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